What Qualities Should You Look For In A Good Coffee Grinder?

Coffee is undoubtedly the most popular beverage across the world. As a result, it’s only natural that most coffee drinkers would want to obtain the finest cup they can. This might imply obtaining coffee beans from a certain region or producer, for example.

For many individuals, it’s as simple as stopping by their favourite coffee shop and ordering their favourite beverage.

For serious coffee drinkers, obtaining freshly ground whole bean coffee from a local roaster is usually necessary, and it’s best if they can make the coffee themselves at home.

This implies you’ll need to figure out how to grind the beans, so you’ll have to choose between a blade and a burr grinder.

It takes more than choosing the right bean to brew a perfect cup of coffee. Regardless of how great your coffee brewer is or how excellent the beans are, if you overheat them during the grinding process or get inconsistent grinding, the coffee will not have the flavour you desire. This emphasizes the importance of investing in a good grinder.

There are two distinct varieties to select from. A blade grinder or a burr grinder is the option.

Depending on your tastes and demands, either one of these may work. However, you should understand the distinction between them so that you can make an informed decision.

In this post, we’ll look at the distinctions between these two grinders.

Blade Grinders

Blade grinders

These are sometimes mistaken for a food processor because they have an aeroplane-rotor-like blade. Because this type of grinder is often less expensive than the rest, it is usually found in small quantities. That doesn’t necessarily imply that you’ll be unable to get fine grinding; rather, it implies that the results will differ from those obtained with a burr grinder coffee beans are ground and mixed with water in a chamber where they’re heated to around 150 degrees Celsius.

 When the grinding is complete, the mixture is channelled into a stainless steel filter and pushed through further processing equipment. Some claim that this isn’t truly a grinder since it works in such a way. Because the blades rotate similarly to those of a plane rotary sieve, they tend to cut, break, and bash the beans as they spin. This process runs counter to true grinding.

After the beans are poured into a container, they are placed on top of the blades and may be pivoted either with a button that begins turning the blade or by way of a mechanical lever to turn the blades.

When the blade starts to spin, it will break and cut the beans into smaller bits. The action of the blades also produces a compelling pull that draws uncut beans and bigger pieces toward the blades.

You may choose whether you want coffee grain that is finer or coarser. To make the coffee grain finer, simply allow the blades to turn for a longer amount of time.

When deciding whether to purchase a French press or a coffee maker, for example, the taste of the coffee may be more important than the type used. If you prefer stronger coffee with bigger flavour notes and don’t mind using your own mug, then choose coarsely ground beans. If you want delicate flavours or preferred your espresso in a French press, choose finely ground beans. For these situations, choosing finely ground beans may be preferable since they are less likely to cause an upset stomach if ingested in too large quantities over time (meaning that typical brew grinds can produce mild acidity).

If you’re making espresso from ground coffee, on the other hand, you’ll want it to be finer. This would imply that you’d grind it for a longer period of time.

It’s critical to use a pulsating action rather than a constant churning of the blades when using this style of grinder. The reason for this is that if you simply push the button or turn the knob to produce continuous blade rotation without stopping, it will create heat, which could harm the coffee grain. It will also decrease the overall uniformity of the coffee grain. A blade grinder is a great option for individuals who want an easy way to prepare delicious coffee.

While blade grinders are less expensive than burr grinders, they may cost up to three times as much in the long run if you purchase them new or secondhand. They may also be purchased at significantly lower prices than burr grinders online.

Another benefit of using one is that cleanup is simple because the hopper empties into a separate compartment where all the pieces can simply lift out and dump into your garbage bin.

Cleanup isn’t nearly as difficult when compared to comparable models since there are only two gears instead of five with some other types of grinders on the market today (though this type has no automatic shut-off feature).

If you want a decent yet not exceptional tasting cup of coffee and also want to be able to do it fast, this is an excellent option. However, if you have the ability to acquire a burr grinder, I would not recommend this sort of grinder.

Although they are less pricey than the food processors, many of them are rather costly. On average, a good-quality manual coffee grinder with burr grinders will cost between $50 and $150.

Burr Grinders

burr grinders

There’s a reason why those who brew their own coffee prefer this style of the grinder. They are the most prevalent sort seen in high-end caf├ęs.

The fact that it is equipped with all the necessary features and capabilities to produce excellent coffee is enough of an endorsement that it’s hard to ignore when choosing among these sorts of grinders. This style of grinder is also frequently utilized by real coffee connoisseurs in their homes.

The burr grinder, sometimes known as a burr mill, is the most popular.

A burr grinder uses two abrasive surfaces to grind coffee beans since it truly grinds them by rubbing them between abrasive surfaces. The pieces are fractured as a result of the burrs. The procedure begins with the bigger burrs and progresses toward smaller burrs as the coffee grain becomes finer.

Larger beans are unable to reach the lower burrs and must be reduced first. This method ensures that the grind is extremely consistent.


Coffee is a beverage that many people around the globe adore. In fact, some individuals believe they need to cut back on their consumption (why not!) because they feel they’re drinking too much.

The most crucial aspect of this beverage is that you like it. There’s no need to get too caught up in the how-tos of making your daily coffee.

In the end, you must balance Price, time, and consistency in your consideration of grinders when determining which one to purchase.

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